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Welcome to the homepage of the Modula-2 website ring, designed to navigate between sites dedicated to all aspects about the programming language Modula-2.


The Modula-2 website ring serves as a central starting point for websites related to the Modula-2 programming language, compilers, integrated development environments, separate libraries, tools, applications, and games.


Joining the Modula-2 website ring is very easy: Just send new submissions (URL, title, description), as well as changes to existing entries to

Then you must add an HTML-code for the website ring's "Navigation Bar" to your site. This code will be emailed to you once your application was processed an approved.
I look forward to seeing all Modula-2 related sites join this website ring.

Here is an example how the navigation bar looks like:
Modula-2 website ring logo List all | Random | << Prev | Next >> | Join
Below is the HTML source-code of the above navigator.
Please cut and paste it into the html-source of your homepage,
replace the id-number 1 ("id=1") with the website ring's site number you got attributed when you joined,
and then upload your homepage to your webserver:
<table border=0 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=0 bgcolor="#FFDD88" width="85%" align=center>
<td align=center>
<a href=""><img
  width="77" height="50" alt="Modula-2 website ring logo" border="1"></a>
<td align=left>
<font face=arial color=#000000><a href=""><b>Modula-2
  website ring</b></a>
   <a href="">List all</a> | 
   <a href="">Random</a> | 
<b><a href=""><< Prev</a> |
   <a href="">Next >></a></b> |
   <a href="">Join</a> |
This navigator code is a just proposal. The logo is of course optional. Feel free to otherwise adapt the code to your purposes, but it should at least contain a link to the website ring's home page (this page) and to List, Prev, Next, and Join.

The Modula-2 ring members and id number:

id=9: (dead link)
id=16: (dead link)
id=18: (dead link)

About the website ring script now hosted at

I took me about one hour to write a simple website ring script in PHP; it is much faster than operation and hopefully safer.

I decided to no longer use nor for this ring, because someone added two completely unrelated sites to the Modula-2 webring. Eventhough I was the only ringmaster, I did not even get a notification that any site was added!
Join goes to the home page (this page) which contains the instructions how to join.

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